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You ask, we reply:

Are these products made in Italy?

We design, develop paper patterns and test prototypes in Milan.
Raw materials are mainly bought from the best suppliers in Italy and accessories are developed and personalised with the best Italian producers. We apply the best know–how in the world to uniform items.

They look comfortable. Are they?

They are as comfortable as pure cotton fabrics can be. Piqué and jersey items have a unique silky feeling, due to the anti-pilling and double silicon treatment. Wool stretch fabric has an easy- travelling treatment. Ladies formal shoes are made in goat nappa.
We focus on creating the most comfortable uniform you have ever worn.

What about durability?

All the fabrics are treated with sanforisation and color reactive dye.
Follow the clear care instruction and your uniform will last for a long time.
We follow the international rules on durability very strictly, by choosing the best materials, suppliers and fabrication techniques.

Where do you produce them?

Suitform is the newest brand of the Greek company Bardakos, which has been producing officers’ formal uniforms for more than 53 years. In the production units, rich experience and expertise are applied to guarantee the best manufactory quality. As a family company, the aim is to create high-end products, timeless designs, tailored service and utmost satisfaction.

We know that well-dressed people render better.

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