Dressing the Boat Show UAE-based Aquaria ‘The Yacht Experts” play leading role in yacht sales as interior decorators at DIBS 2014

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Aquaria, the leading UAE-based interior supply and decoration firm is pleased to announce it has been given the honor of ‘dressing’ nine of the most high-profile yachts on display at this year’s Dubai International Boat Show.

While Aquaria was established last year ahead of DIBS 2013, its Managing Director, Demi Profi, possesses several decades experience in the marine industry. It was this experience that led the UAE’s largest yacht manufacturer, Gulf Craft, to commission Demi to ‘dress’ the interior of their new flagship, the Majesty 135 at last year’s show.

Commenting on Aquaria’s rapid success in the regional yachting sector, Demi Profi says it is largely word-of- mouth that has driven demand. “Since last year’s boat show I’ve been approach by local and international shipyards, as well as yacht owners as far afield as India. What we do for clients wishing to sell their yacht at the boat show is present the vessel in its best light; I call it the final 5 percent. Every yacht is delivered from the shipyard as a beautiful piece of design and engineering, it is 95% complete, what I do is make it a personal extension of the owner’s lifestyle. When a potential buyer comes onboard and sees the lifestyle the yacht is able to provide, it helps in evoking that emotive response that is so often the final ‘push’ needed to secure a sale.”

‘Dressing’ a yacht involves the arrangement of soft furnishings, fabrics, cutlery, amenities, decorative items and other ‘accessories’ to make the vessel both more homely and customized to reflect the owner’s taste and personality. By dressing nine of the largest and most expensive yachts at the Dubai International Boat Show, Aquaria is proud to be playing a leading role in galvanizing the local marine industry by making it easier for exhibitors to secure a sale.

Note for editors: Demi set up Aquaria Design in Dubai after spending several years working very closely with Decon, an international marine outfitting company in Greece. Aquaria’s primary focus is the yachting sector, but it has been involved in the decorating of clients’ homes as well since being established in the region. Working with carpenters, engineers, interior designers and naval architects at Decon, Demi has transformed or improved some of the largest and smallest yachts in the world. Working with talented artists and artisans, she is able to source or create unique items of decoration and furniture. As a former yacht owner, she also has a unique knowledge of the lifestyle and the demands that are put on furnishings and decorative elements in the marine environment.


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