Who We Are

For your yacht “Bien-Etre” 

Marginal gains are the key to extraordinary accomplishments. The cumulative improvement of many small elements to make a large difference can transform a generic yacht interior into an astonishing space for relaxation or entertaining.

Some call it the final five percent, going ‘that little bit further’, the final touch, a certain je nais sait quois to turn a drawing into a masterpiece. At Aquaria, it isn’t just what we do, its part of who we are.

With years of experience in yacht interior fulfillment on some of the world‘s most famous vessels, we understand the importance of small elements. Each constituent supplied by our artisan craftsmen are conversation pieces in their own right, yet subtly and seamlessly blend together to create a harmonious whole.

Aquaria has invested significant time, resources and travel to our ceaseless search for the crispest bed linens, finest glassware and softest towels, to the bespoke on-board humidor and even the belt buckle of your crew‘s uniform, all so you don‘t have to. We source the finest craftsmen to ensure your yachts’ furnishings and accessories have a story to tell.

The result is a yacht that reflects her owner… a personality like no other in the world!



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