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Blue Velvet ProProduct Presentation:

BLUE VELVET is a high standard, eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning product. A modern synthetic product, which has the properties of a disinfectant and a detergent. Such properties make BLUE VELVET the most effective cleaning product in the market. Blue Velvet solution can be used on all surfaces and in all areas on a daily basis; It’s naturally powerful and highly effective components allows it to remove the toughest stains without containing any chemical elements that are dangerous or harmful to humans, animals and the environment. BLUE VELVET is an odorless, non flammable, non caustic, harmless to humans and the environment. Our standards fulfill the criteria of the European legislation on biodegradability. This product is constructed according to EU’s strict safety regulations to help you protect the environment as well as to have a clean desired area. Its unique composition makes the product an excellent cleaning product. The regular use of BLUE VELVET helps in reducing the growth of bacteria and at the same time fights unpleasant odors and fumes by reducing and eliminating them. Combining BLUE VELVET and water generates crystal clear solutions which have reduced foaming action. BLUE VELVET can similarly be dissolved in all types of water such as, sea water, storm water, surface water, wastewater, groundwater etc. It is also suitable for cleaning every type of pollutant generated from hydrocarbons (petroleum, oils, grease, mineral oils, tar, animal and vegetable fats and oils). BLUE VELVET is suitable for everyone. We are motivated to help consumers contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet & lifestyle.

Methods of use: The product is a fast acting product and has no bleaching power. Spray the solution on the surface and then remove with a damp cloth or sponge, brush and water. * * * the product is manufactured according to strict specifications of General National Chemical Lab of Greece and approved by the National Center for Marine Ere NDV. Features Certificate (ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2000)

Where to Apply: Airports, ports, docks, yards, fuel tanks, refineries, oil spills, armed forces, hospitals, hotels, municipalities, public buildings, waiting rooms, waste- dumps areas, railway stations and bus transport facilities, houses, school facilities, sports facilities, restaurants.

Some of our Exquisite Clientele:

  • Olympic Air S.A.
  • Skyserve S.A.
  • Aeroservices S.A.
  • Minoan Lines S.A.
  • ANEK Lines S.A.
  • JUMBO S.A.
  • STASY Urban Rail Transport S.A.
  • Municipality of Glyfada
  • Greek Parliament

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