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Over the past twenty years, Aquaria have supplied furnishings and accessories to

some of the world’s most prestigious yachts

The path to extraordinary accomplishments lies in ‘marginal gains’; the cumulative improvement of many small elements to produce astonishing results. It‘s no secret amongst business leaders, artists, athletes, musicians and engineers, because it is the difference between an entrepreneur and a captain of industry, or an athlete and a world champion, a supporting dancer and a prime ballerina, or a painting and a masterpiece. Some call it the final five percent, an effort to go “that little bit further”, the final touch or even that je ne sais quoi…for Aquaria, this is fundamental.

Through years of experience in yacht interior fulfilment on some of the world‘s most iconic vessels, Aquaria understand the importance of the smallest details. All the components supplied by the artisan craftsmen are conversation pieces in their own right, yet subtly and seamlessly blend together to create a harmonious environment.


Aquaria have invested significant time and resources in the constant search for the finest and most suitable materials and furnishings. From the crispest bed linens, the finest glassware and softest towels, to a bespoke on board humidor and even the belt buckle of the crew‘s uniform. A trusted team of creative and innovative artisans are in place to ensure your yacht’s furnishings and accessories have their own story to tell. From exclusive concepts to bespoke customisation, Aquaria is committed to delivering designs to enhance your on board experience. The result is always a yacht that reflects the unique individual.

“Our mission is to bring the finest quality and most distinguished companies from around the world to the Middle East yacht industry. What we provide is expertise, technical and aesthetic know-how to the finishing touches of a yacht. These final details are indispensable and the most important elements to delivering the dream project.” says Demi Profi, Managing Director of Aquaria.

Pursuit of perfection

Aquaria have carefully assembled a range of the finest products from Venice, Florence, Bruges, Nantes and Monaco; bed linens, the softest quick dry towels, crystal glasses, silverware, tableware, bespoke on board cigar humidors, cashmere throws, and other objets d’art. With Aquaria’s team of stylists and interior designers, the research is constant and never ending.

Aquaria symbolises a new era in yachting elegance, comfort, unparalleled reliability and client service. Gulf Craft have recently collaborated with Aquaria to supply a new Majesty 135. “We are excited to work with industry leaders like Gulf Craft and honoured that they have chosen Aquaria to deliver the final touch to an impressive yacht like the Majesty 135,” says Demi.

The Aquaria team believes that your yacht should be an extension of your own home, a moving piece of art, blending beauty, comfort and aesthetics in a harmonious environment.

For more details Tel: +971 (0) 4 304 2326 or visit www.aquariayachts.com



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